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lexical relation

1.   What factors may cause some synonym words different from semantically?
       ( Dalam segi apa yang membuat kata-kata bersinonim itu menjadi berbeda)
       for example : father and dad, stare and see, foolish and stupid, dead and pass away.

2. In what context ( sense ) are the words pupil and student synonymous and non synonymous?
     (page 152)

3.  Bolinger (1976, discussed by Murphy 2003: 164) everybody and everyone are not lexical              synonyms since they are not mutually substitutable in every context. What does mutually substitutable mean? (page 152)

4. Give explaination  and 3 examples  about gradable and non-gradble antonyms?

5. Consider the noun pair hero/coward, genius/dolt, giant/shrimp. Are these gradable antonyms? (page 139)

6. What is the different between polysemy and hyponymy? Please give 2 clear examples of them!

7. Can you please explain and differentiate between taxonomies and non-taxonomic hyponymmies?
   (use your own words and donot forget to state your example) (page 146)

8. Please make a table of componential analysis of some related words ( as shown on page 156)

Silahkan dipelajari juga buku dibawah ini ( Bab semantics)

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